66th Annual Meeting

July 8, 2017

Mill Stream Grange Hall, Vienna, Maine


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Crockett at 7 p.m.  Approximately 35 members were in attendance.


1.    Moment of Silence.  A moment of silence was observed for members Robert Gleichenhaus and Marilyn Erickson who had passed away since the 2016 meeting.

2.    Election of Directors and Officers.  President Crockett advised that his term as a board member and president, as well as Cindy RipleyŐs term as a board member had expired, and Pat Onion was retiring from her position as Secretary. The board thanked Ms. Onion for her many years of service to the Association. Upon motion, duly made and seconded, the members unanimously elected Paul Crockett and Cindy Ripley for another term as board members and Paul Crockett as President.  Further, Jon Groetzinger was elected as a board member and   to succeed Pat Onion as Secretary.

3.    PresidentŐs Report.

New Members. President Crockett encouraged members to try to attract new members not only to provide more revenue, but to share more information and concerns about the lake.  He reminded the group that donations are tax-deductible since the association is a 501(c)(3) organization. During later discussion, a member suggested a welcoming group to get new buyers involved in the association. Lidie Robbins of 30 Mile River Watershed Association may have a complete list of all persons living on Flying Pond to assist in contacting new members.

Email.  He asked that those who had email provide their addresses so notices, minutes, and important information can be emailed in the future to reduce cost and effort. Those who do not have email will continue to be sent communications by U.S. post.

Director and Officer Insurance.  He stated that many Maine Lakes Association members carry director and officer liability insurance and recommended that the association review the cost of obtaining such insurance.

Buoys.  President Crockett thanked those members who placed buoys on the lake this year.

4.    SecretaryŐs Report.  Secretary Pat Onion presented and reviewed the minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting.  Upon motion, duly made and seconded, the attached minutes were unanimously approved.

5.    TreasurerŐs Report.  Treasurer Barbara Kennedy presented and reviewed the attached TreasurerŐs Report. She noted that dues collection had been disappointing, but efforts would be made to contact those who had not yet paid 2016-17 dues. She also suggested that cash be moved out of the current certificate of deposit which was earning very little and put it into a higher yielding government insured investment. 

6.    Dam Report.  Dean Sciaraffa stated that structurally the dam is doing well after the repairs made to it last year.  He said though that the association should begin to raise $50,000 to $75,000 for a dam capital fund that would be available when the dam needs repair in the future.

7.    Water Quality Report.  Brian Canwell reported lake clarity from 7/16 to 7/17 at 15.4-21.4 feet which he said was a good range compared to other lakes in Maine and Flying PondŐs own historical data. Oxygen is at 9.5 ppm which he said was good for cold water fish. He said while phosphorus of 20 ppb would encourage algae blooms, Flying Pond levels were at a healthier 8-13 ppb.

8.    Fishing Report.  Gary Cortelyou reported that the state stocking manager was ŇexcitedÓ by Flying PondŐs habitat for fish as indicated by a healthy cusk and smelt population and the lack of invasive species like crappie. He said that the large number of ice fishermen is becoming a problem with many pickup trucks blocking roads, thousands of ice traps on the lake, wood fires burning on the lake, as well as wood and garbage left on the lake. He recommended that members call the game warden if these matters get out of hand.

9.    30 Mile River Watershed Association (TMRWA).  Rick Christenson, the Flying Pond representative on the board of the TMRWA, reviewed its existing and new programs, including the annual invasive plant survey, a milfoil sticker fund-raiser, the Youth Conservation Corps, annual canoe and kayak trek, and a watershed cleanup day in cooperation with the state.

10. Invasive Species.  Debbie Roe remarked that nearby lakes like Great Pond have invasive plants and will be spending millions to eradicate or simply control the infestation.  Flying Pond has been fortunate in having no invasive species we know of.  However, programs such as the boat ramp inspectors need more participation since prevention is much less costly than a later cleanup.

11.Loon Report.  It was noted that two loon hatchlings were spotted on the lake.  However, it appears only one has survived thus far.

12.Next Meeting; Donation.  Paul Crockett proposed Saturday, July 7, 2018, as the date for the next annual meeting and a $50 donation to the Grange for the use of the hall.  Upon motion, duly made and seconded, both proposals were approved.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:12 p.m.


Flying Pond Improvement Association


By: _________________________

Jon Groetzinger Jr, Secretary